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Atlantis, Marine Archaeology, Illuminati, Grail Mythology, Megalithic Culture, Ooparts, Archaeoastronomy, Creation Mythology, Alchemy, Indo-Europeans, Mayan Culture, Hermeticism, Ancient Human Migrations, Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, Invisible College, Renaissance, Antiquity of Man, Agartha, Origins of Civilization, Mind Control, Hollow Earth, Skull and Bones, Peshers, ....and and anything else you can create a logical link to...

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The Crypt is the home for the The Hidden Threads of Crypto-History, an Investigation into Alternative Theories About the Origins of Civilization.

Any seeds or articles which may be related, or can be argued by the poster to be related, to the Crypto-History series may be posted to this group, but the group moderator retains the right to delete any content which in his judgement will not serve the overarching purpose of the series.

The Crypt is dedicated to uncovering the real truth about the origins of man's civilization, as well as inquiring into potential means by which the evolution of that civilzation may have been manipulated by the hidden hand of mystical cabals, hermetic thought or secret societies throughout written history.

Today we may still see remnants of this guiding hand in the activities of groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, The Trilateral Commission and the Round Table, but it is a central theme in the Crypto-History series that these may only be the most recent manifestations of an ongoing thread of continuing knowledge and cultural preservation that reaches back into the deepest mists of pre-history, as far as the middle of the last Ice Age.